Marathon des Sables 2018 has ended.
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Enduring the world’s most extreme marathon for a worthy cause

We are a team of 6 surveyors who are taking on 250km in the Sahara Desert in order to raise money for the amazing people at Macmillan Cancer Support. We recognise that fighting cancer is one of the hardest things that people will ever be faced with and that running in up to 50 degree heat on sand is nothing in comparison. But we hope that you will agree that the cause is extremely worthy and the challenge is just about worthy enough to donate to this amazing charity.

250km in 6 days across the Sahara Desert

The Marathon des Sables is the stuff of legends. It is The Toughest Footrace on Earth (Discovery Channel).

MdS is a truly gruelling multi-stage adventure through a mythical landscape in one of the world’s most inhospitable environments – the Sahara desert. You have to be self-sufficient and carry all your own food and equipment for the week on your back. Communal goat’s-hair Berber tents are pitched every night but, apart from that you have to take it with you. Water is rationed and if you exceed the ration, you get a time penalty.


  • Harry Foster
    A natural born runner, he is not. Harry's Steve Redgrave moment came in 2010 shortly after completing his first and last marathon, proclaiming he would never go near such a stupidly long distance race again. Fast forward seven years and Harry finds himself signed up to the toughest foot race on earth. Not one to turn down a once in a lifetime opportunity to form part of a crack team of surveyors to take on 250KM in inhumane temperatures, Harry is proud to be returning from his long distance running exile for the supremely worthy Macmillan Cancer Support. This challenge will likely be the last hurrah before his knees finally give in!
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  • Harry Badham
    Axa Investment Management
    The enjoyment of being outdoors, of nature and of movement give Harry an innate joy from running, at least in between injuries and training runs along the Walworth Road. Harry’s running ambition would be to run with the world’s most sublime and entertaining sportsmen – the 5 time world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan, although he hears that the rocket is as fast on his feet as he is on the green baize.
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  • James Goldsmith
    Axa Investment Management
    Reflecting upon Mark Twain’s quote “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did”, James decided to join this bunch on their desert adventure, helping raise money for a wonderful cause. Swapping the preferred saddle for some dusty running shoes, if he makes it James will be writing a book ‘An Alternative Guide to Training for the Marathon des Sables’.


  • Hunter Booth
    Through a rigorous selection of his preferred sport Hunter ended up with running. Being neither a team player (in a sporting sense) or built like a brick outhouse the process of elimination left him with running cross country with ‘those guys’ and not on the rugby field. Eventually enjoying it he has undertaken plenty of trail running races and duathlons (having a dislike of swimming). However, the MDS poses a new level of challenge having never before run one day and then have to run again and again and again. Bring it on!
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  • Toby Chapman
    Chappers is clearly a glutton for punishment having taken part in the City vs West End pugilism, Ironman and various worldwide marathons to raise money for charity.

    Having previously asked friends and family to dig deep he wanted to remove any danger of sponsorship apathy so thought the best way to up the ante was to take on the toughest foot race on Earth. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to test oneself both mentally and physically.

    Having lost a Grandmother to Hodgkin lymphoma and seen how debilitating cancer can be in other friends and family, he's up for the challenge & moving towards the fear! Bring it on!
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  • Ralph Dorey
    Ralph “Devastator” Dorey is better known for taking on challenges based in Food & Beverage establishments around various parts of the world than his ultramarathon exploits. However following a 2006 London Marathon run and watching the SeaBREEAMs Channel Swim with interest, the prospect of taking part in a 250km run across the Sahara Desert in up to 50 degree heat was too good to miss. Although a bit one paced and being built more like a back row forward than a long distance runner, raising funds for this fantastic cause should carry him the first 200km – it’s the last 50km that he’s got a work out a plan for.
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At Macmillan, we know cancer can affect everything. Your body, your relationships, your money, everything. But Macmillan is here to help people live life, no matter what. We give them the support to hold on to who they are and what’s important. Life with cancer is still life –we’ll help you live it.



We are currently looking for corporate sponsorship to support our endeavour. If you are interested in being an official sponsor for Desert RICS and have your logo featured prominently on our kit, please get in touch with us.